OmniAmerican Bank

OmniAmerican Bank
1320 S. University Drive, Suite 106
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
(817) 367-5640 phone

Misty Purner-VP
(817) 367-5479 phone
(817) 367-5484 fax

Dina Robles-Sr. Loan Officer
(817) 367-5841 phone
(817) 367-5693 fax

OmniAmerican Bank is a full service Federal Savings Bank headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. With assets in excess of $1 Billion, we are ready and able to provide you with the mortgage financing that will be most beneficial to your individual situation.

Tools that we have available to serve you include:

1. We are a Fannie Mae Seller Servicer. This means:
      a. We can offer you the lowest long term rates available on loans up to $417,000.
      b. We will service your loan, so if you have any questions or in regard to your home loan, you can talk to a person in Ft. Worth, who will know your individual situation.
      c. We will select appraisers who are familiar with the Possum Kingdom area. You will not be assigned an appraiser from a national appraisal service who may have never been to PK before.
      d. Our local underwriting staff will make the underwriting decisions, not someone in a city far away from North Texas.

2. With over a Billion dollars in assets, we can place loans that may not meet the Fannie Mae guidelines in our Portfolio. These loans may include Jumbo loans that exceed $417,000 or situations where the property may not meet the Fannie Mae guidelines.

3. We have a 28 person mortgage staff with very knowledgeable and experienced loan officers, underwriters and servicing staff. We will give you quick service and will be able to close your loan on the time table you dictate.

In summary, we offer a full menu of mortgage products, we make the loan processing and underwriting decisions locally. We do not think there is any other lender in the PK area that can give you the combination of products and local service that we offer.


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